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Faisal & Tamanna
16 January 2018
Tamanna and I met on Shaadi on September 16, 2017. After a brief introduction we switched to phone. I remember looking at her pic and finding her really pretty. Our first conversation went on for hours. In the days and weeks that followed we had more conversations that also went nice and smooth. We discussed about many things including our status in life, shared our philosophy, liking/disliking, the typical stuff really. However, each day that passed brought us closer. A sense of comfortability and trust set in. I found myself being more and more occupied with her thoughts and the discussions we held. As our feelings progressed we entertained the idea of meeting up. Soon thereafter she was on her way, flying over Atlantic, to visit me over Xmas holidays. I was overjoyed! In those two weeks Tamanna visited me in the states, we did some fun stuff together such as hiking, horse riding, exploring different ethnic cuisines, taking a trip to Myrtle Beach in cold weather, watching movies, and of course, talking to each other without keeping track of time. Towards the end of her stay we took a trip to Florida and visited Miami and the Keys. It was a memorable trip! We developed a deep connection. We were surrounded by pure bliss. I hadn't felt as happy in a long time. And apparently, the feelings were mutual. Right after new year she left to go back to England and left me with some really nice words. It wasn't until after she left that I began to realize exactly how much I liked her. It was almost as if I was mesmerized the entire time she was here. I started missing her badly. I believe what we feel for each other is really special. I find her kind, compassionate, generous, humble, intelligent, witty... A really good human being! My search for a life partner ends with Tamanna. I can't wait to see her again. I can't wait to hold her in my arms. Thank you guys at Shaadi for availing this wonderful platform and helping people find that special someone. Without Shaadi Tamanna and I would've stayed Atlantic apart and probably never found each other. God bless!