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Sheethal & Rahul Satija
21 May 2013
Reminiscing the very thought of how it started between us, it goes like this. My fiancee, Rahul is from Delhi and I m from Bengaluru. It was I who had sent an interest to his profile which Rahul had declined initially due to certain XYZ factors related to his other commitments. Sooner things had changed at his end and he accepted my interest after few days albeit it was a dice with death situation for him. While I was shortlisting the grooms, I had asked the suggestion of my friend who also suggested me on Rahul. Albeit his countenance matched with whatever I had described in the shaadi podium, but it was his description that said - he is looking for love which in today's world is very rare to find - drew my attention towards him which in turn drove me to work my way to know him. One afternoon while we caught up with each other online for the first time I could not chat with him except for a hi and then I had to leave my contact no. There starts a whole new inception .We started exchanging texts and there were times when he would receive my reply after 2 or 3 days as I was on my visit to native, which initially got him reckoning if am not very serious or even interested to communicate. When he perhaps thought that he may have sunk into oblivion by me I agreed to have a conversation over the phone when I was asked for and finally we broke the ice.Gradually after a day or two he asked if I was really looking forward to tying a knot or was it a nonchalant approach. when I asked him that why did he put across that question he said if I was serious about it we both could think about each other.To this I replied that i am hell-bent on getting hitched asap and he was overwhelmed and so was I.With this there begun a love saga, followed by Valentine's day and those sweet little nothing talks over the phone.The days started to begin with the good-morning calls and couple of calls at work and only ended with calls over night with exchange of beautiful songs for each other. Finally on the same week we thought it was cardinal that we got the matter to our folk's knowledge and when he spoke to my folks and they had nothing to say but agree.Once we got the consent from folks it took us to a different level of security and then we proceeded further. Each day we began to know each other better and better and stuck a right chord.The bonus is that we were two people with same traits-an alter ego which acted like a catalyst to our understanding and love sans distance playing any role.we shared similar tastes, even before he could say something I could resonate to his thoughts and so was he. We began calling each other by cute sobriquets. We have completed four months of our courtship and Our wedding talks are going on and will be zeroing in on the D day very soon. Our tryst transpired a week back which helped us grow more fonder for each other. He visited both of my cities and developed a strong predilection for my native and we both have taken lot of beautiful memories with us. I profusely thank team for bestowing such a priceless gift for me of my lifetime i.e My Rahul. Finally we are officially moving from the life in single lane to a car pool one.